Hydra vs lightning channels and channel factories

I am looking for info and have been told that this is a good place to ask questions about Cardano.

I have been reading some of the whitepaper for channel factories on the bitcoin lightning network. My technical understanding is limited, but it seems like those channel factories which should not be confused with just simple 1:1 lightning channels are a kind of multiparty state channel.

Can anyone confirm that this is a kind of multiparty state channel kinda like what Hydra is using? Or is it totally different?

According to that whitepaper it is a requirement that everyone in such a channel factory/multiparty state channel is online for anyone in that state channel to be able to send any funds. Just one offline node and they can not change the state.

How does it work for Cardano? Does everyone have to be online? Or just the stake pool operators? If only the stake pool operators have to be online to change the state, is there some level of trust involved? Would we have to do stuff like hiring watchtowers like on Bitcoin lightning to avoid risking getting screwed?