I just saw this on YouTube live: [Link removed by @napoles] wich is a SCAM

Hi forum members,

I have just seen a YouTube Livestream with Carles about:

Why Cardano will make you Rich [Charles Hoskinson]. ADA & CARDANO NEWS and PRICE CARDANO Crypto! Which is a SCAM because my Malwarebytes reports a Trojan on this website: [Link removed by @napoles] and [Link removed by @napoles]

Cardano Event

Be careful!

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Hello @ADA-stakepool-com

Both sites are scams. They have already been reported, thanks for letting us know. I have removed the link to avoid giving it publicity.


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Very good. Thank you very much.

Thanks for sharing

Indeed it is a scam saw it too and they got me for over 15k wow all my savings that’s just great