I just withdrew to the yoroi wallet under duress lol

…how secure is it and can i take it offline while i figure out what I want to do with it or get a hardware wallet? is there a setting that doesn’t allow withdrawals? i am woefully uninformed about security and staking…


Your encrypted private key is safe with Yoroi, but, as stated above, you have to be extra careful about creating a secure environment where no one can snoop on your wallet password when you enter it. Your wallet password is different from the 15 word mnemonic. Your private key is encrypted using the mnemonic and your wallet password as the salt. So if someone physically steals your computer you can simply install Yoroi on another computer and use your 15 word mnemonic/recovery phrase to access your funds as that phrase gives you direct access to your private key.

You can read more about here

Keep in mind that delegate not meaning to send ADA out of your wallet; should never leave your wallet! Stai safe !

And ofcourse for a better security you can use hw wallet like trezor or ledger

Hardware Wallets Explained