I’m in over my head 😐

I just transferred about 60 Tokens from coin base. I did all of this with my phone. The platform coin base is pretty easy to figure out. Now all if a sudden I feel like I’m on Mars. I wanted to stake ADA . I don’t know where I sent my ADA? I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

Do t I need to delegate it first? Oh yikes🥺

First, u will need to know to which address/wallet u sent the Ada; then u can delegate


Check your history; you might of sold it or transferred it to another portfolio.

You will need to use a “custodial wallet”, i.e. one that you manage rather than Coinbase. There are a number of these available. You can find the ones created by IOHK on the cardano.org website, I’d suggest you use those. The primary one is called Daedalus, and there is a “light weight” browser version called Yoroi. Daedalus is not available on phones, and indeed any Daedalus phone app wallet you see is a scam. There have been some of these cropping up this year on play store etc.

These wallets run on your computer and are used to generate your own personal addresses which you can transfer to from an exchange, stake to a pool, etc. You will need to obtain them and understand how they work before you can stake. I suggest you go to cardano.org and find the section about Daedalus (link is in “Discover Cardano” I believe). This should be a good starting point for you.

Current advice: go for Yoroi at the moment because it’s a light wallet which you can have up and running within 5 min… + it runs as an app too.

Daedelus on the other hand takes a LOOOOooooong time before your ready to stakeyour ADA. It first needs to sync the whole blockchain which take take up more than 24h before that’s done.

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