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(I sent this message to Cardano support and they answered me with the title of this topic)


Is there a way to have a decentralised web hosting.

Is there a way to have a decentralised cloud.

Is there a way to have a decentralised store.

Is there a way to mine or support the network.

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Hi @datrindadej

to be direct and short:

  1. maybe, i don’t know or i don’t can imagine that for me
  2. i would say no
    Data Security isn’t given, you cant store confidential documents there. Its my thinking, maybe i haven’t enough creativity to imagine that but i would say clearly no
  3. i dont know how you mean this
  4. yes there two ways:
    • Delegate your Adas to a stake pool which you trust completely
    • run an own stake pool ; in this forum is an complete category about staking, there can you read everything about this topic.

I read that response as; Yes there is a way, but IOHK is not focused on building it right now, however no one is stopping the community from building it.

To mine or support the network, install Daedalus wallet, add some ada to it, and stake it to a stakepool