I want to organize Cardano Hackathon Japan

Hi,Cardano community.

I have a suggestion as I will take the initiative.
I am fascinated by Cardano.

In order to expand the Cardano ecosystem and further strengthen Cardano’s position in blockchain, I propose to hold an “Cardano Hackathon Japan”.

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As a premise, we believe that Cardano will benefit from a hackathon in the following ways

  1. Development of the Cardano ecosystem through the development of related applications

  2. Promotional effect by sharing Cardano’s technology and knowledge to users and builders.

There are three reasons why Cardano needs to be held in Tokyo

1.The word “Web3” has become a national buzzword in Japan due to the comments of top entrepreneurs and celebrities.

2.It is the perfect time to involve Japanese engineers, the fourth largest group of engineers in the world, in your project.

3.Tokyo has world-class IP content such as manga and characters, as well as world-class game development capabilities, and there is potential for strong game content on the Cardano chain.

As one of the world’s hottest cities, Tokyo has already hosted two blockchain hackathons in the span of a month.

Cardano already has Japanese connections with Japanese ambassadors such as Yuta and Rena Oishi, and in the past with Yosuke Yoshida of EMURGO.

This is also an opportunity to create the first application in Japan that will represent Cardano.

By the way, I have connections with Japanese web3 entrepreneurs and influencers and can appeal to over 1000 Japanese web3 developers.

I would be happy to have anyone update me with any input, discussion, or ideas.

I am down to make this happen. Let’s connect?

This is a good idea, we can share this info at all Social networks to get more attention.