IdeaScale verification email not arriving

I don’t know if this is the right place. I’m new to the cardano space. I’m trying to register my ideascale account.

it’s been an hour or so since, but I’m not receiving the verification email. I verified that my email is actually working.

any cues?

Maybe @danny_cryptofay can help you.

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You can join Catalyst Discord channel : Cardano Project Catalyst
Or Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @ProjectCatalystChat

Heya. Did it end up working for you in the end? There could be a delay or just a spam arrival potentially. Sometimes, the platform may have it’s own process on how they accept registration under their terms and conditions. If a specific email doesn’t work - would suggest to use an alternate email and see if that works?

It did not arrive. I checked spam but nothing there either. I’ll try an alternate email and report back.

Thank you!

All right. Let me know. If issue persist - would be best to raise a ticket via ideascale help support direct as we’re unable to manage their tech support directly. But I would raise this issue within channels available to me so they are aware of these instances as well.

I tried a different email. About 10 minutes have passed and received no verification email.

I tried 2 different emails domains, one a very renowned among privately advocates and the other very widely used and a key component of surveillance capitalism :wink:

That out come is surely annoying. Apologies for that. I have shared this with ideascale. Can you share with me via DM the email you’ve used? I may be able to share with them - tho direct help desk is also worth considering.

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It’s weird that I don’t see the DM section on my profile. Maybe it’s because I’m new?

Otherwise I’d be glad to !

Ah, yeah, we disabled DMs for new users a while ago, because they were used for a flood of scam attempts (like everywhere in crypto).

(Maybe, asymmetrical DMs would make sense: New users are not allowed to DM anybody, but they are allowed to DM regulars or people with roles or something like that. But I fear, Discourse at the moment does not have such fine-grained controls.)

Cardano.ideascale email system is back to work.

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Yep! verification emails arrived. Thank you!

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