Illustrative Career Led Me to ADA

I’ll admit my title is a little bit of a clickbait, but it is entirely true.

I’m an illustrator who loves entrepreneurship. Starting things on the side, with high levels of motivation and determination, drives me to push my thoughts into the world. That’s how I stumbled upon a friend of mine after a long while. This friend was a lot like me, helped me through some pretty tough times, and then she talked about crypto. Told me about that app, Wealthsimple (not an ad, just rolls smoothly with the text) and I did some research on which crypto I should keep an eye on. I had some starting-the-20’s funds so I said, ‘‘Why not?’’ and invested. Cardano was one of them, for I see long term value in the project.

I happen to also be an illustrator by choice - I don’t have a degree but I have the skillset to back it up. For one, backgrounds are absolute favourites of mine. I love drawing fantasy environments and can draw quite a few things - but enough bragging. Honestly, I don’t come from much more than good education and kinda decent grades. I hope I can befriend some of you! If not all of you ^^ I’m not always online but when I am, you can expect thoughtful and fast answers! Okay- enough about myself. Tell me some about you too!

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