VFX artist is reporting on board :)

Hi, I’m freelance VFX artist, fascinated by great captain Charles Hoskinson’s piont of view on crypto, sociology and economy.
I’m ADA hodler. This is my private pension scheme :smiley:

I would like to add some value to the community, so I started improvising with abstract animations of Cardano Logo :slight_smile:

  1. Vellum Explode
    Stills: Atrstation: Vellum Explode
    Video: Vimeo: Vellum Explode

  2. Chaotic Colorful Inception
    Stills: Atrstation: Colorful Inception
    Video: Vimeo: Colorful Inception (compression eats quality)
    Video: Vimeo: Colorful Inception Animated Stills (every 10 frames)

Enjoy :slight_smile:
Feedback is welcome.

All the best,


That is very cool!

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