I'm Alex- based in Boston, and excited to be part of the Cardano family through MuKn and our Glow language

I’m Alex, cofounder of MuKn (pronounced moon, like :crescent_moon:). We’re getting ready to release our DApp language Glow, and I’m excited to meet everyone. If you’ve got questions for me or you’re interested in using Glow to build a DApp, hit me up!


Hi Alex. I would love to learn hot to use Glow to build Dapp. Maybe you could introduce me about Glow itself & how to integrate it for Cardano Dapps. Any tutorial/documentation would be great. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! :+1:t2: :laughing:

Thanks for your patience, we just launched and things have been a bit hectic. Check our our resources at https://glow-lang.org/, and also feel free to jump on MuKn’s discord server with any questions or issues you may have at https://discord.gg/RGk4Me3VDJ


Thanks a lot Alex (@ChiLaBo). The documentation is quite nice, really appreciate it. I will try to read & check the repo in GitLab. Wish you a great day!

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You’re most welcome! Please reach back out if you have any other questions or feedback for us. Good luck!

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