I'm running out of DB space

I have spare SSD on my machine and want to mount it.
Do I need to specify the --database-path in two locations, like

--database-path ${DB_PATH_SSD1} \ 
--database-path ${DB_PATH_SSD2},

when adding a new SSD?


I don’t think you can specify two paths for the database, it has to be one path…
But you have some other options like:

  • Making symbolic links to another drive for some of the data in the immutable directory.
  • Making a logical volume from two partitions on two different drives.

Can’t provide you with good enough details of how to to either of them though, maybe others or Google can help you with it…

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In addition to what brouwerQ said, you might also create an issue to cardano-node’s issue tracker here: Issues · IntersectMBO/cardano-node · GitHub

It is true that the database folder is growing by the block so more and more people might need to distribute that over several filesystems. And although it’s true that one could avoid it with logical volumes (with LVM, btrfs, zfs etc), then these require reinstalling the machine. It would be more flexible if a multi-filesystem support were built in.

What is the database size currently anyway, last I checked it was something like 140GB?

How does that help the original question of splitting the database between two disks?