Incentivisation for Global Use of Cardano and Governance

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To support for the governance of Cardano can include its use by individuals and communities throughout the world. The more people that use Cardano as a currency, the more likely effective governance of Cardano will be achieved. This is because if ADA is used as a means of everyday transactions on a global scale, the demand of Cardano would increase substantially, and with its limited supply of tokens (by means of demand and supply), the price would rise. Subsequently, any country that intends to restrict the use of Cardano would then lose the potential for its citizen to obtain such gains in ADA, mitigating any regulative issues to emerge.

If people and countries are incentivised to use Cardano then it would be easier to implement its governance measures. On the other hand, if countries continue to drag cryptocurrencies into regulative unknown, or restrict the blockchain ecosystems in any way, then the respective blockchain would face additional challenges in governance and utility.

I advocate for Cardano and blockchains for that matter to undertake the ‘once completed, to distribute’ approach prior to financial regulations to be legislated. This mentality would be similar to that undertaken by the tech companies in the 1990s by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Paypal and etc that undertook the ‘move fast and break things’ approach due to the lack of internet regulations. However, what would be different for blockchains is that due to their financial technological nature, safety for its users would have to be paramount.

What is Preventing the Use of Cardano as a Currency.
The payment systems for Cardano are not yet matured, as are wallet technologies particularly on the smart phone application side. When such applications are been proven to be safe, Cardano can then focus on the distribution phase with the marketing of Hydra side-chains (offering instantaneous transactions) so that the token can be used on national the global scales.

I would like to hear you guys opinions on this matter. Do you think that Cardano should focus towards being a usable currency on a global scale in order to achieve effective governance?

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