Instructions: how to use the PCP process

Greetings, Cardano community!

The Parameter Committee meets every 3 weeks to discus all parameters relating to the Cardano protocol including network, technical and economic parameters, providing technical advice and recommendations on updatable parameter settings.The Parameter Change Proposals (PCP) process is designed to be inclusive and transparent, allowing any community member to propose and discuss parameter changes. We would like you to participate and test this process, and we appreciate your feedback so we can refine it. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to follow the PCP process and request a technical recommendation from the Parameter Committee.

Step 1: Proposing a Parameter Change

The first step to initiate a discussion about a potential parameter change is to create a topic on the Cardano forum inside this category. Please include as much information as possible to provide some context for the community and start a conversation. To ensure clarity and organization, use the following format for your topic title:


Replace “ParameterName” with the specific parameter you want to discuss and “ProposerName” with your own name or pseudonym. This format helps the PCP identify the parameter under consideration and its proposer easily.

Step 2: Engaging the Community with a Poll (optional)

After posting your proposal on the forum, you can consult the broader Cardano community. You can create a poll on the forum to gather opinions and gauge the community’s support for your proposed parameter change. The feedback from fellow Cardano enthusiasts is essential, as it can inform about its relevance and help you refine the proposal before requesting a recommendation from the Parameter Committee.

Step 3: Template Submission for Technical Review and Recommendation

Once the discussion about your proposal has already started, you can request a technical review and recommendation from the Parameter Committee. To make this process more straightforward, the Parameter Committee provides a template for you to use. This template should be filled out with relevant information about your proposed parameter change and some use cases so different scenarios are described, reflecting the effects of the proposed parameter change. This will help the committee better understand your proposal and evaluate its feasibility and impact.

Please make a copy of this document, don’t edit the original template:

Step 4: PCP Evaluation and Decision

The Parameter Committee will carefully review your proposal, taking into account the technical aspects, community feedback, and the overall impact on the Cardano network. They will provide a recommendation based on their evaluation, which may include acceptance, rejection, or further refinement of the proposal.


By following the outlined steps, you can actively participate in shaping the future of Cardano. Your input and engagement are vital in ensuring the network’s continued growth and success.

Remember that Cardano is a community-driven project, and your voice matters. So, go ahead and propose those parameter changes, engage with the PCP process, and be a part of Cardano’s ongoing evolution.

Together, we can make Cardano even better!


Hello - Thank you for providing the PCP template google doc. Is there a way you can fill it out and post the document for the first PCP-001 that was approved, so we have a sample of how it should be filled out? Thank you!

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Hi @earncoinpool here is a link to the PCP-001, as an example:


Thank you!

Thanks for the PCP template doc.
It might be better if it was in a single column rather than 2/3 for readability.

Hello Joaquin - I have couple of questions for you. First we have our form done, how do we official submit it? Just post on our forum for PCP? Tag someone when we post it on our forum? or email form to someone?

Second question is on numbering, so PCP-001 is the one just approved for Pool Min Fee, correct? So mine on K should be PCP-002 correct? And then @shawnim should be PCP-003 correct? Or should mine be 001 or how do you want to do numbering moving forward?

Also the sample form you provide covers a lot of K, is it okay to leave portions of that as is for my submission? Should I credit you or someone for that work in the form? Thank you - Rich - ECP

Hi @earncoinpool

Yes, you can just post a message inside the “PCP_K-Parameter_EarnCoinPool” discussion with a link to the form and tag me. I am monitoring the discussions anyway but please tag me, just in case.

It is the Parameter Committee the one deciding which one is PCP-002 and PCP-003 so you don’t have to worry about that. Your request will be called “PCP_K-Parameter_EarnCoinPool” and once the Parameter Committee accepts it, they will assign a number.

Yes, you can keep any portions related to K in the form, as it is basically revisiting the same thing but this time we can include an analysis on the observed effects after reducing MinPoolCost.

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Thank you!