Interacting with the Cardano blockchain from Unity3d

Hello everyone!

I’m part of a videogame development team, and we are trying to build a blockchain game. Our engine of choice is Unity3d.

From what I have read of Cardano, there isn’t a Unity or C# SDK I can use to interact with the blockchain from Unity. Is someone working on a similar project? Otherwise, where could I start to build my own SDK?

From my experience using Nethereum to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, it is a matter of sending RPC calls to an API, and SDK’s simply wrap this process. Where could I find the documentation that tells me how to do it from scratch?

Thanks a lot


Hello and welcome @Skyway,
there is no Cardano SDK for Unity at this time. Please look into “Adrestia”.

There is an article here:

Documentation here:

Repository here: