CCN Studios Introduction: Direct NFT from Unity 3D games (Ireland)

Hello everyone

As a strategic partner, referred to Cardano by Wolfram Research Inc. I hope to make friends with both Cardanians and outsiders as well. Wolfram has helped us to break into NFT markets by means of their Cardano APIs which we are to gratefully partake in. We ran test Cloud Objects, entirely in our cloud systems and Cardano test APIs performed admirably.

From multiple cloud systems, some entirely Symbolic Computing clouds and Wolfram Cloud we are able to generate advanced Unity 3D games, several genres, by means of a new cloud scripting language called:

Free Form Programming Language

Those of you who have programmed in Wolfram Mathematica and/or Unity … sigh … they know the incredible commitments both platforms require to even create a tiny app!

Q: Why this new language and why NFT?
A: Creation of new micro-monetization for content providers with no programming abilities and admit/empower those with no banking! Yes! Most talents on this planet do not have proper banking access.

Q: Why Cloud programming language?
A: The said content providers have no PCs and will never afford PCs, yet they can program in the new Free Form language on their mobile phones! No installations, no files and no hefty IDEs.

Q: Why Cardano?
A: Stephen Wolfram supports Cardano, then it is Cardano! I only heard good about Cardano from Wolfram managers.

Q: Why are we here?
A: We like to contribute and as well learn from all the good minds here. We like being useful.

Apologies to moderators and all the community, I am generally an abrupt communicator.

Regards to all of you,

Dara O Shayda
Castle Killesk
Co. Wexford
Republic of Ireland

what are these cardano APIs used for ?

Minting the internal data of the games, therefore establish: a) Ownership,Trace-ability , b) trade-ability

For the moderators and others, not sure where to post these in order to get some guidance from Cardano:

Above Unity 3D animated 3rd person character gamified art was synthesized from a mere image the artist had sent our company!

This one was obtained by different applications of Face Recognition and Image Segmentation:

the African gentlemen is one of our trainees in Africa.

These games are actually number of JSON structures Streamed from our Cloud Systems (Wolfram Cloud being one) over the net into a live running mobile or desktop Unity 3D game.

We like to Mint the ensemble of all these JSON structures.

This is why we are here. We know we can do it directly from Wolfram Cloud using Cardano APIs they just released, without any frontend or files, however the devil is in the details and we need some guidance for integrating these into retail gaming products.

My apologies to all of you, please let me know where to post these.