Hi Everyone
I am a game developer, this topic, I want to open to discuss the issues of game development on the Cardano platform.

  • Game integration on Cardano platform
  • Game ecosystem on Cardano
  • Community of gamers on Cardano
  • Trending games with blockchain…

The dapps are just mostly in build and test phase so it will take time. I have my eyes on Cardacity, Wild Warriors, Cornucopias and Equine.


Nice !! Metajaskar
Have the projects you mentioned been funded on catalyst yet? Or are they financially independent development projects?

Financially independent project as far as i am aware but definitely check them out on their discord or Twitter.

Sure, what do you think about the ADAQuest game?

Nothing particular to think about because they are all under development. I would have an opinion once the games and dapps are released. Most would just die along the way like the dot com bubble.

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Both games and dapps are a challenge to create. Combine them and it doesn’t get any easier :smiley:

I am hoping to launch alpha around July 2022 for my project but the focus is more on the education than the game. The “funding” is whatever free-time and disposable income I have but currently finding reliable 2D artists for sprite animations is my biggest problem!

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Hi DinoDude
Thank you for sharing your ideas
What you’re doing is amazing, don’t worry if you haven’t found any 2D artis at this point, I can help you connect with candidates willing to do it for you. It is important now that you have a clear plan for the graphic you want to do and the corresponding budget for it. I’ve been making games and apps on mobile since the first iPhones came out. With my experience I think will give you the best advice.

@alexpipo I may have to take you up on that offer for help.

My former sprite artist is completely MIA this year and while the other artists for the project have been stellar I am not sure they are up to the task of making animated dinosaur sprite sheets from PSD. Do you know anyone who is proficient with Spriter, Unity, etc that can be hired on consignment or as an independent contractor?

Otherwise I am very quickly reaching a point where I need to use stock art assets or learn how to animate 2D rigging frames myself which won’t be nearly as cool as I originally imagined!

Hi DinoDude
You can send me some pictures that you would like your artist to do in that style.
Is your game image 3D or 2D? If you only need effects on Unity, I think it will be easier to find people to do it.

Alex Trong

Keeping it simple with 2D only for web assembly builds targeting GLES2 in order to work on almost any device. I am using Godot as a game engine but exports from Unity sprite editor are fine by me. My previous artist was using Unity and Photoshop primarily. I can send PSD files to an artist with NDA or under contract. The general theme is “cutsie dinosaurs” and I am willing to scrap the previous work and start fresh if that is easier for prospective candidates.


Hi Dino
I understand your idea, may I ask are you developing card games or puzzle games?
I will talk to my team to see if I can support or collaborate with you in this? If I have more information I will talk to you more about this job.

It’s more of a fighting game …

Everything in thirds:

1/3: Fighting (90s style)
1/3: Education (dialogue tree)
1/3: Cardano (integration)

1/3: Cardano (integration) ==>NFT image your game ? CNFTs build ?

It’s customized. The minted token confers identity, base attributes, etc however this is independent of the need for sprite animations which are entirely off-chain. I am not worried about coding aspects as that is my expertise.

It is exactly that, I totally agree with you.

Right, I’m going to fire up my camaro and drive it off a cliff like toonces for good measure …

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:smile: Keep that positive energy!! I believe to you.