Introducing DinoDapp - An Edutainment Game for Cardano!

OK, first up I must admit this is not a new project. I have been working on this game for over a year and I am now desperately seeking 2D sprite animation artists! Yes, this is an indie project funded by me, myself, and I and we are only interested in what there is to learn, achieve, and teach.

If you want to work on one of the first Cardano powered games send qualifications or samples of your previous work via DM along with your rate in ADA or USD to @DinoDude !

If you want to know more about the project or scope simply reply here and I will answer questions and provide more details whenever I am online.

Project Introduction

Name: DinoDapp
Description: DinoDapp is an edutainment game for learning Cardano!

We are looking for 2D artists to create character animations!

Enjoy creating 2D game animations? Do you know what a key frame is? Good, because we have 8 of them to make for 5 different playable dinosaur characters!

Source: PSD
Animations: Idle, Walk, Run, Jump, Fall, Attack, Hurt, Die
Frames: 6-12
Format: PNG

Note #1: There are 5 color variations (primary/secondary) to export for each character!

Note #2: I have Spriter, Photoshop, Illustrator and other project files for existing game assets including the baddie sprites. Some of which were purchased as packages, some created on consignment, and others edited myself. The artist hired to design and animate the character playable sprites got as far as the design and some of the animations on the first character over the last year but has since become unresponsive so I only have Photoshop project files to work from.

Note #3: Mechanically it is a 1v1 fighting game like old-school Mortal Kombat/Primal Rage/etc. That said the primary focus is on “Learn to Earn” rather than “Play to Earn” and I really hope that becomes a thing world wide via blockchain whether I get to make the first version or not. Only been working on it for a few years after all :face_holding_back_tears:

Side tangent to programmers: I will make my repositories public once the game has been launched on mainnet for at least 6 months. I don’t want anyone to copy pasta my bugs or issues before I can fix them!


Hello @DinoDude ,

I hope you are doing well.

My name is Dhruval Kamdar, a Chief executive officer from Stalwart Info.

We can help you out with these 2D characters. From my first impression of your post, I have some queries. here are they,

  1. Do you need one character with 5 color variations or 5 different types of dinosaurs?
  2. Introduction or information about each dinosaur [ characteristics, color, power skills(fire , ice., etc ]
  3. Do you already have a dinosaur design or you want us to create one?

Looking forward to your reply.

Also you can email me on dhruval

Looking forward to your response.

Dhruval K

  1. I have 5 different types of dinosaurs designed with smart color export layers for the 5 color themes in Photoshop format.
  2. Everything needed is already in the project files. Although meta data and other characteristics related to game play mechanics is not included.
  3. Only need the Spriter, Unity, etc animation frames for the listed sequences above.

Okay @DinoDude . Thanks for your reply.

What is the best email to write you?

With BR
Dhruval K however I am more likely to see replies and messages on this forum. Out of dozens of emails there are only like two I actually check frequently and they are for music projects and unrelated stuff :wink:

Update: Still got a succulent nothing burger for the $$$$ invested in unnamed graphic artist.

That said I did integrate some parallax backgrounds and a pretty decent tile set for only $$ this last weekend. Repurposing a sprite from previous game art packages to become the playable hero while introducing side-scrolling platform mechanics for navigating the existing school and battle content.

In short: I am unblocked :smiley:

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Here Is our Business Website @DinoDude

Let us know if there is anything where we can help you with.

Better and more complete update:

A few months ago I found a new artist to complete all dinosaur sprite animations and export all color theme variations as originally designed!

Front-end game client is being tested with back-end minting service on testnet locally. Some former co-workers are looking into starting a Cardano stake pool and possibly hosting some extra relay nodes for me so I can deploy additional infrastructure in addition to the primary integration through blockfrost.

My partner is very busy writing and editing the stories for school content adventure game dialogues. Battle system is getting some AI updates for additional off-chain enemies. Side-scrolling platformer for exploration is taking a back burner to getting Nami, Eternl, and Flint integrated into the front-end.

Up next will be testing a “burn” API for deleting character tokens, discovery of on-chain enemies for battle system, completing the inventory system for power-ups, eggs, coins, etc. Alpha may still be released this year but perhaps without all the features enabled and less juice and polish then subsequent releases.

Okay… well then let us know if there is anything where we can help you. we have 3d artist, 2d artists, unity developers & AR/VR development team.