Hey everyone. Little about me, Long ago, I went to college to be a website designer but life somehow turned me into a licensed carpenter which I loved to do. But a recent health issue limits my mobility so I’m happy to come back to programming at what seems to be the best time in decades. The honesty that blockchain can provide has given me new faith in the internet.
Pure honesty is something I preach to my kids but I always worried about the state of the world in that regard. Blockchain has given me something to contribute to that will make the world a better place for them and it makes it very rewarding to learn and build in the space.
But enough about that for now.

Some time ago I started designing a QR-code based rpg board game that kept track of stats and inventory etc. The project morphed a few times over the years and was a fun passion project for a guy working 80 hours a week in construction. Then I discovered blockchain. I knew it was the perfect platform. So since recently I have had nothing but time, I’m proud to announce !!! It will be a blockchain based afk game. Each Adagotchi will essentially be a native asset miner. Being able to be locked in a contract for gathering resources and rolling on chances to find game items in the form of NFTs or Tokens.
I think gaming is one of the best ways to bring people together and I couldn’t be happier to do this on Cardano. It’s going to be a crazy journey and I hope you will all give me that blockchain honesty as I grow this game and my new career in blockchain. Looking forward to working with everyone here!!