Do you need art for your project?

Hey! I’m a senior character artist working in the video game industry, I’ve helped create and deliver some of the worlds most successful games to market. Most recently creating the 3D bosses at Activision Blizzard. To a lesser extent I do all manner of artistic tasks such as logo creation and iconography.

After watching the Charles’ latest interview with Alessandro Konrad, creator of SpaceBudz, I realized that I could team up with anyone who was thinking of creating something similar.

I’m incredibly encouraged by the potential of Cardano and it’s community. This feels like a great way for me to be involved, without having a masters degree in mathematics or cryptography.
I’m not looking to be payed up-front for my part in the project. I’ve worked for large companies for most of my career, I would instead want to help build something amazing the ground up.

If you think you have a fun project and could use someone like me, please reach out!


Hi… Yes, the project will need a few million digital bison… no, just kidding. Basically, it will need five basic types: bison calves, yearlings, young heifers and bulls, mature cows, mature bulls. What I currently see is something along the lines of low-poly design similar to attached.


Certainly open to other designs and styles. We will need to rig and animate them in number of different movements: run, walk, graze, roll (wallow), lie down (chewing cud), calves suckling, jumping, etc.


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This is awesome, I’ll keep it in mind! :raised_hands::+1:


Hi Bill, I would love to help you out with your game assets, sadly I can’t help with any video game related content, this is because my current employment contract states that I am unable to work on other game projects while employed by the company.

I can only help with projects that are outside the realm of video games, that won’t directly compete with my current employer, such as NFT collectibles.

I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I leave my current position in the future.
Good luck with your project!

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Hola McAllister
Gracias por compartir tu perfil y propuesta.
Ya tenemos una proyecto en línea con Tokens Nativos de CARDANO. La web
es y tenemos varios años trabajando cursos en línea a nivel universitario.
Me interesa conversar contigo para que nos ayudes en construir la marca a partir del logotipo mas iconografías. La marca ya esta registrada en INDECOPI en Perú.
Con tu experiencia en el arte, podemos configurar un personaje de “cathedratic” y un set de insignias para entregar a los alumnos que alcancen sus metas, que sea un reconocimiento para los alumnos que se involucren en la tecnología de CARDANO.
Muchas gracias por la atención