Interview Sean Alimov | Dialysis Technician | Translator series Black List |Plutus |Haskel | Meme Contest |Ambassadorship | Funding Request

Today’s interview is with Sean Alimov.
One of Brooklyn’s finest!

Sean is very passionate about the Cardano Blockchain project. He can be found daily on the Cardano forum and occasionally in Reddit and Twitter.

Sean has a medical background. He works as a Dialysis Technician and is a part time Russian translator for the TV series Black List.

This is also the guys responsible for the Cardano Meme contest. One of the best viewed topics on the Cardano forum.

If you haven’t joined the forum or have seen anything of the memes, do have a look.

Here’s the link:

Also, if you have an idea and are looking for funding for your project, get in contact with Sean. As he mention at the end of the interview, he is able to direct you where you need to be.

This was truly an other wonderful interview. We are extremely proud of our community and are thankful for the passion we can share together.

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TBOY - The Best One Yet

Great job @dennyb2010 and @SeanAlimov

You goal for 1M Ada is ambitious, and you enthusiasm is on point.

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Thank you @Adam_Parish :smiley:!
Yep, got to shoot for the stars :sparkles:! even if you miss…at least you’ll lend on the moon :crescent_moon: right :rofl:?


Thanks Adam!
Glad you like it.
Sean is a natural. Great take.
We have lots more on the shelf.

Stay tuned :wink: