Intra-Wallet transfer

I did an intra-wallet transfer of 5 adas in an attempt to understand better how Yoroi wallet works. I chose an address that I created for the 5 adas. But I experienced unintended results.

Yoroi created another address to store my remaining 494 adas. I can see this second address but it is not listed on my wallet addresses. How can I transfer back my 494 into one of the addresses listed?

The strange thing is that this second address factors into the overall balance of the wallet, but it is not listed under generated addresses in Receive.

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This is how UTXO wallets work. The new address you see is the change address.
Please check this blog post from Emurgo to understand how this works in detail.

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The article is over my head, but thanks for the link. Will have to do several readings. It is interesting that we do not control which address to use, the system itself does that.

As long as you have the private keys, any secondary addresses (even those that you didn’t create yourself as you described above) can be accessed from it. :+1:

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