Intro - Tom Lindeman, Co-founder MythX

Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

I am a 20 year Microsoft veteran currently living in Nagano Japan. My first crypto transaction was a Litecoin purchase back in Dec 2012, and have been active ever since. I am currently building Ethereum products inside ConsenSys and recently launched MythX (, a smart contract security analysis tool and service. I am looking forward to seeing how it applies to Cardano contracts especially as it relates to formally verifying contract properties through fuzzing and other techniques. I believe that a thriving Cardano ecosystem is good for all currencies and chains and look forward to interacting with Emurgo here in Japan.


Welcome @EtherDotBlue, great to see more developers joining the forum. Greetings to Japan.


Hi Tom! Warm welcome to our little corner on the internet. Great to have you here. You bring in heap loads of expertise that is surely appreciated :+1: Feel free to reach out if you need anything in particular. @Katsumoto is also based in Japan :wink:

Welcome and thanks for the intro.

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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