Introducing [8SQRD] - Mission to Fight Anti-Asian Racism: 8SQRD Pool & The Good Initiative Fund (TGIF)

Hello Cardano Community!

8SQRD Staking Pool is a new pool founded in the Vancouver (BC, Canada) blockchain space in mid-February this year. Like many new pools we are looking to make our formal introduction to the Cardano community, share our vision, and hope to attract delegators to maximize our rewards to support initiatives for social good.

TLDR: This post is our quick introduction of our new 8SQRD Staking Pool to the Cardano community. This pool is founded by blockchain enthusiasts in the space since 2013. We’re looking to maximize ADA rewards by increasing our delegators. We are mission-driven and wish to donate a portion of our (pool-owner) proceeds to social good initiatives. We’re calling our fund The Good Initiative Fund (TGIF). Currently, we will be focusing our donation efforts on Stop Asian American and Pacific Island Hate initiatives. Delegate to 8SQRD Pool (Ticker: 8SQRD) to support TGIF.

Our Team

My team and I have been long-time blockchain enthusiasts who entered the blockchain scene in 2013. During those early years we started a crypto-related business doing consultations, running a media website, holding community meet ups and education sessions on business and blockchain opportunities, operating a Bitcoin ATM, and creating designs for efficient mining rig set ups, among a laundry list of other activities. All in all, we were trying to increase blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption during a period when blockchain technology had limited applications. Fast forward to 2021 and we’ve re-entered the blockchain community with greater excitement and enthusiasm than ever before. We see the strong fundamentals of Cardano and we are excited to become a part of this community.

Combined together we are three professionals who have backgrounds in: computer science, DevOps, military, health care research, finance, business and entrepreneurship. Trust in our team to maintain consistent up time, provide transparency, and communicate regularly with our delegators.

Mission-Driven: The Good Initiative Fund (TGIF)

Our Staking Pool from the very beginning had a charitable mission in mind. Portions of our pool rewards, specifically from the pool owners, will go toward a fund to benefit society. As the light-hearted name suggests, it was created to support social good initiatives. Ultimately, we hope to make recurring contributions through TGIF by using our staking pool as a sustainable way to create revenue. We can increase our chances for block rewards with your support and delegation.

We are taking a stance against racism. With the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in North America, we felt an urgent need to turn our attention to support groups that fight against racism. Our donations for the foreseeable future will be towards initiatives against anti-Asian racism; however, we are open to listening to our community and delegators to explore other impactful initiatives.

We understand the need for transparency in the spirit of Bitcoin and blockchain. We endeavour to provide a clear, transparent process on how, when, and who we donate to. For a brief overview of our first ADA block reward TGIF donation, once our pool creates a block reward, we will donate $100 to Stop AAPI Hate (see initiatives we are currently supporting below), and provide a donation receipt on our website. We will share our full philanthropic strategy, which identifies other organizations we wish to support, a donation schedule, and details of donation amounts (likely a proportion of pool rewards rather than a set amount) in the near future.

Call to Action: If you’re a holder of ADA, a blockchain enthusiast, an activist, or simply a concerned citizen for the Asian and Pacific Islander community please consider supporting our pool and contribute to our charitable initiatives. Simply by delegating your stake to 8SQRD Pool you’ll be supporting TGIF and the fight against anti-Asian hate.

Initiatives we currently support:


  • Nodes: 3: 1 core + 2 relays
  • Servers location: Hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  • Pledge: 41.50k ₳ (50k anticipated by April 15)
  • Margin: 1%
  • Fixed Cost: 340 ₳
  • ADA Pool: [8SQRD] 8SQRD Pool | Cardano Staking

Looking Forward: Next Steps

We’re in this for the long run. Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • We plan to enroll in the Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association (CCSPA) and undergo peer-review to certify our pool is following best practices.

  • We plan to achieve 100k delegation by the end of Q2 and 500k delegation by end of Q3 by following through with a consistent marketing plan and providing transparency to our community through our communication channels.

  • We hope to make recurring donations of ($100 or more) every quarterly. If our staking delegation increases and we have regular block rewards, we endeavor to contribute on a monthly basis.

  • Quality improvement: We plan to take any feedback from the Cardano community to continuously improve our pool. Feel free to share your thoughts below or join our Discord.

More information about 8SQRD Pool

Learn more about 8SQRD Pool through some of the links and communication channels below. We’re active in our community channels, so connect with us there.

Thank you for taking the time and support! We look forward to connecting with the community.

8SQRD Pool Operators

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We’re excited to be part of all this! Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions or feedback to our group.