Introducing Ada4Science [BOSON] 🔬

Hi everyone,

this is Serki. I’d like to introduce our stake pool Ada4Science [BOSON].

I’m not sure it’s worthwhile to repeat what is already on our webpage and pooltool except maybe mention why we (intend to) donate to science projects.

So why science? Well, we just like science & engineering and think there is a fundamental importance to it. Humans have come this far mostly because of science and supporting it is in our and the future generations’ interest. Also, you might be wondering about the pool name: Higgs Boson

The pool’s stake is mostly our own pledge at the moment, so we are looking for delegators. I assume people who read this here are likely to have their own pool already and no Ada to delegate. If, against all odds, you have some spare Ada left to delegate, you are always welcome at our pool.

Shout out to @Alexd1985 , whose posts helped us throughout the past weeks during testing and setup of our nodes, thanks!



A warm welcome and good luck

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