Introducing [CPX]

Hope everyone is well and in good health,

My name is Ahmad Alkilani and I am one of the owners/operators of CardanoProxy CPX

History of
We’ve been in the cryptocurrency space since mid 2017 and invested in Cardano since inception. We’ve done our fair share of mining as well and while our data center runs heavy on solar, mining still came at a significant cost and was clearly not a solution we were happy with.

I am an IT professional with 17 years of experience developing solutions, running systems, advancing AI, and also sharing my experience as an Author with, a platform I intend to use to create courses about smart contracts on Cardano using Plutus and Marlowe, (pending negotiations).

I run CPX with 3 other people who wish to remain anonymous at this time but I can share profiles. 2 individuals are also IT professionals and heavily invested in Cardano. The final individual is an investor/market analyst that is also heavily involved in cryptocurrencies in general.

The plan for our pool is to use the majority of rewards to fund the creation of products and learning materials on/for Cardano.

Ticker: CPX
Pledge: 305K
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Fee: 1%

Pool ID: 655c82616621bf8495e05a13f14d944d538deb04788efde2f85e6cb5

Primary Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Secondary Location: San Diego, California, USA
3rd Location (In progress): Middle East (Likely Amman, Jordan)

Why can we support such a low fee and why do we have multiple locations?

We run our own infrastructure with fiber optic connections to each site. We buy our own hardware so that cost is amortized and depreciated over time as a business. This in short, alongside our expertise, allows us to offer very low fees and margins. For example our pools are “Containerized” so we can bring up a new node in a matter of minutes, not hours, if we really needed to do so. We also believe that the biggest win for us would be the appreciation of the asset itself, not by trying to cover costs with high margins. We hope this is a win-win for both you as a delegator and us as an operator by attracting more people. This commitment is evident in our commitment to help advance the Cardano community with products and learning resources.

Finally, we have multiple locations for 2 reasons: (Slightly more technical)
1 - Because we want to ensure we help maintain a healthy/speedy network
2 - Because we write our own software (we are IT professionals after all) that can automatically switch core nodes over to different sites in case of a disaster (natural) or network outage. We’ve done the same thing on the ITN and working on a version of our software for the mainnet. With that said, each site has both a main Fiber Optic internet connection and standard connection as backup, dual active-active firewalls, active-active switches, battery backups, and at least 3 nodes running. Each node has 2 Ethernet NICs connected to a virtual switch chassis ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the chance of any downtime.

We hope you consider staking with us. Feel free to subscribe on our website or join our discord channel, we’re happy to help: