Introducing [CPOOL] staking pool

My name is Samuel, I am the owner of a small staking pool called Cardanpoool [CPOOL]. I have veen always interested in mining in fact I mined monero just for fun and education. When I heard about Cardano and the big step to pass from Byron to Shelley, I told myself this is the opportunity to enter in a big project and start from the begining. So I spent my nights reading and researching about staking and the Cardano blockchain in general. And finally here I am with CPOOL, it a very Small Staking Pool right now but I haven’t lose the hope yet.

It has been a really cool experience, I have learned so many things, I have done many friends from other countries, I think that has been the most amazing part of this.

My website is this one:

There you will be able to find my social networks. We have also created a channel called Cardano Hispano with some friends you can see the videos here (content is in spanish) :

Few staking pools are doing a fortune and the majority is struggling so please consider delegate to small pools.

You can find me in telegram toob: