Introducing Staking Pool: Cardaspians (CASP) FOCUS ON EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE

Hi to you all. :100:

I’d like to introduce Cardaspians, a Dutch/Belgian based staking pool with an active stake of 2.3M.
We are a staking pool which focusses on education and webb/app integrations.
And, we’re putting our main focus on rebranding and education right now.
We’re splitting crypto-blockchain-cardan-education into two parts:
First of all we are trying to make it our goal to bring crypto to people who haven’t heard of it or have less (financial) possibilities to be schooled. We are building towards different workshops which will be given to people with less opportunities, people with (physical) disabilities or people who haven’t got in touch with web 3.0 yet.

Next to that, we’re focussing on our own youtube channel to bring the same quality news to the masses. Release Q2 2023.

We are also trying to create a Cardano community in Belgium and hope to host Belgian Cardano events.

We’re rebranding as we speak (new website, newsletter and stuff coming up), but another focus lies upon our staking pool itself, and possible future web/app integrations.

About the pool: Our SPO founded the pool in 2019.
As we believe in true decentralisation, we offer a variable fee of 0.0%.
We have a 100K pledge, and an overall yearly ROI of 4.3%.
We have a maximum online relay time.
We are a small, but happy team and are about our delegators.

We’re also at the beginning stage on building something on the Cardano Blockchain, which could be huge. More info to come in Q2 or Q3. We’re working hard to make things happen.

If you are interested in staking with us, we offer you a fun, yet small community in return:
Direct conversations with SPO/team members on our telegram.
A discord will be launched later this year.
We are open to ideas, questions and other stuff.

Let us know if we can help in any way.

Kind regards


Twitter: @Cardaspians