Introducing Prime Stake Pool [PSP]

Dear Cardano Fraternity,

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to you for the first time.

Who We Are: We are college friends got separated by fortune but united by blockchain. We graduated from premier engineering institute in India. After college we travelled our own path to make our fortune but future headed nowhere.This is when we realised we must utilise our full potential to realise our dream. Our dream to create our own startup.This is when blockchain DLT showed us the way.
Back in 2016 we started taking keen interest in cryptocurrency and realised the power of blockchain. Blockchain DLT could fundamentally change the financial sector, making it more efficient, resilient and reliable. So we started mining ethereum by running full node on local computer. We believed in ethereum so we supported it by mining 24/7. Now with ethereum shifting from POW to POS we believe POS is going to be the next big thing in the cryptospace and blockchain technology. So after ethereum we now also believe in cardano.

Our Vision: We are all about the community. Our vision is to engage all ADA holders in securing the network by staking. We help educating common user, in order to make it easier for them to stake their ADA, and help in securing the Cardano protocol. Banking the unbanked in remote parts of India. Cardano could be used to offer financial services to many who don’t have bank account but have access to internet via mobile.

Why Us: We have gathered rich experience from various industry sector form core technical to service sector. Our invaluable years of experience taught us how to handle situations in difficult times to make project sustainable.We have committed to go a long way. We always strive for the best option to run our pool so that our delegators can maximise their return. Right now our server is running on cloud VPS. We are planning to host our server in-house in future as running on cloud is expensive.

Server Details: Running on cloud VPS. One block producing Core node.Two Relay nodes.
We will be adding relays in different geographical locations to improve connectivity and availability.
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64
Memory: 8GB
SSD Disk: 160GB
Bandwidth: 5TB
Our servers are currently running in India. To make sure our pool is always up and running we keep on monitoring 24/7.

Pool Details:

Pool: Prime Stake Pool
Ticker: PSP
Pool ID: 729bc73ff6f7cd20a412470cc585e29dfa049fea230584b7caf9d3cb
Pledge: 1.01K
Fees: 1% margin + 340 ₳ Fixed Cost
Location: India

We are among the small pools trying to build up delegators confidence in us. Delegators can make or break anyone’s stake pool. We never participated in “Shelley Incentivized Testnet”. So we don’t have much fund to pledge. As we will mint blocks the rewards will be added as pledge.
To know more about us and our pool visit our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any query.

Launched new relay node at FRANKFURT AM MAIN for better connectivity and availability.

Renewed Server Details

Three servers running on cloud VPS.
One block producing Core node.Two Relay nodes. We will be adding relays in different geographical locations to improve connectivity and availability.

​OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64
Memory: 4GB
SSD Disk: 80GB
Bandwidth: 4TB

​Our servers are currently running in India and Frankfurt.

Finally PSP minted its first mainnet block.
I am on cloud 9. Though ephemeral still "Some people live a lifetime in a minute.“Al Pacino in " Scent of a woman.”
Being late made me realized how much I have to learn to become a good SPO. In the mean time I tried various configuration settings and did some weird experiments so that my pool performs best. There is lot to learn and I want to learn it slow to speed up my understanding.
To all my buddy SPO’s thanks for keeping the community active. Thank you all for keeping the ball rolling.
To all my delegators, thanks for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to learn and perform best. I will always try to bring best out of my pool but pool performance also depends upon active stake which is beyond my control. I will definitely pump up my pool to increase the pledge soon after successfully running the Eth2 node on mainnet, which is suppose to launch on 1st December 2020.
In the end I request you all once again please support small pools. They really need your support to prove themselves and make their mark as an SPO. Also help in decentralizing the Cardano network. This is where the future of Cardano should belong. :pray::pray::pray:
For details regarding my pool please visit: PrimeStakePool