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Hi everybody my name is Arron and I am the owner of PlanetStake.

I am a design engineer, with many year’s experience working in motorsport on F1 projects. As an engineer working on the newest most cutting edge technologies I realise the importance of working from first principles using a formal methods approach, so needless to say the Cardano project really stood out to me as the single cryptocurrency project most likely to succeed in changing the world to work better for everybody, so I had to get involved.

The Cardano community is very open, friendly and always willing to help each other so it’s been a real pleasure working alongside them these past 12 months, first on the initial pre-ITN testnets, then on the official ITN, the pre-Shelley Haskell testnets and most recently going live with them on Shelley on 29th July 2020.

I believe in the importance of decentralisation, so our main nodes are located on a very capable new build bare metal 16 core system here at home, with several others located around the world. If you want to support a home built server by someone who cares for Cardano and the longstanding network health and security moving forwards then I am one of many pool operators you should consider.

My stakepool is PlanetStake with the Tickername STAKE and we’re offering 0% fees until 1st September 2020, with a modest, fair and competitive increase planned after that.

But as mentioned, I am one of many good pools to consider, so I’d also like to mention a few other pool operatives who are a real credit to the Cardano ecosystem, always happy and willing to help. Their pool ticker names are:

  1. SALAD
  2. RDLRT
  3. DIGI
  4. TITAN

Our website contains lots of helpful information, with plans to grow and adapt over time. It is also multilingual with plans to add additional language support over time too, so please drop by, take a look and help spread the message that Cardano, the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency is coming by sharing on social media:



All the best Arron; I’m along for the ride!

Thanks Richard, I’ve just topped the pool up to 455K pledge and plan to top it up to 500K tomorrow :slight_smile:

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