Introducing Hyperlink Pool [HYPER]

Dear. Community.

I have built various careers as an IT worker for about 10 years. I have experienced several positions such as Project Leader, System Engineer, System Architect, DBA, etc. in Korea, and I am still challenging.
Now, I’m working as SPO. I operate a stable pool using all the knowledge I have accumulated so far. I am very excited to be participating as part of Cardano. Let’s go together. I will be here.

[There is no completion. It only evolves. As time passes. I’m just one of the commas in Cardano’s history.]

[Ticker : HYPER]
[Pool ID : 263498e010c7a49bbfd7c4e1aab29809fca7ed993f9e14192a75871e]
[WebSite :]
[Pledge : 100.00K ₳]
[Margin : 2%]
[Fixed Cost : 340 ₳]

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