Introducing Yet Another Cool Pool [YACP]

Hi everyone, Hope you all doing good!
I am Rodolfo from Brazil and after some time (a year or so) on testnet I’ve decided to go for mainnet with this cool pool.

Well, this is one man operator pool trying to be more engaged to Cardano Ecosystem

Please refer to my github readme to get more info about the pool GitHub - dodopontocom/yacp

Contact via Telegram @rodolfotiago

Pool id: pool1xzfrmeux886ckdm2ekk3t3xe2ch5666m7zxa6dt0zrfm5mq2ksm / 30923de78639f58b376acdad15c4d9562f4d6b5bf08ddd356f10d3ba
Ticker: [YACP]
Since: 10/27/2022 2:45:37 PM
Fixed fee: 340A
Margin fee: 0.99%