Introducing NOOPS Stake Pool - [NOOPS]

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce our pool NOOPS. We are here to support the Cardano network’s decentralization. We donate 25% of our operator margin to charity.

Our cardano nodes run on AWS eu-west-4 (Paris).

  • 2 cardano relay nodes for high availabilty
  • 1 cardano producer node | another in cold stand by ready for rolling updates
  • 1 monitoring node : Prometheus, grafana, alertmanager

We have 2 relays declared. In front of each node we have a haproxy to easily reroute traffic to avoid downtime and to upgrade.

About us : We are devops in charge of SaaS solutions. We have more than 40 kubernetes clusters running with 99.99% SLA. We know how to run, backup, upgrade and monitor an infrastructure.

Telegram : DevNoops
Twitter : ADevnoops

Here are all the informations about it:
Pledge: 50k ADA
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (minimum, deducted from total rewards across all delegators)
Fee: 1%
Ticker: NOOPS
Pool ID 57147265c639309d365ef7c419698cbc9c1d3337d58c1c6a373a4130

Stake with an efficent and a mission driven pool. Join us to support a good cause and earn rewards.
If you have any question, feel free to ask!

Thank a lot for Cardano community!

Today NOOPS has minted its 100th block!
A huge thank you to our delegators and supporters that made this possible

:dizzy: Epoch 270 summary:

Live stake: 17.22M₳

Delegators: 621

Blocks minted: 13/13

:dizzy:Epoch 271 summary
Live stake: 17.14M₳
Delegators: 605
Blocks minted: 19/19