[ALoop] ₳daLoop - Introduction

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce AdaLoop [ALoop].

As a Cardano supporter and after watching Charles TED Talk, I’ve decided to become part of this ecosystem, and to contribute by running my own pool.

I believe in Cardano’s vision, I want to support the decentralization of the network and help AbleGamers Foundation by making regular donations and promote their mission.

You can join this pool and be part of its mission, or you can help by making donations on their website here: #SoEveryoneCanGame
Find out more about AbleGamers: AbleGamers - Wikipedia

Vowed to never run more than one pool and member of Cardano Single Pool Alliance.
I’ve been working as Sysadmin for 20+ years with background in electronics and telecom and I used technologies from Azure all the way back to Red Hat 2.1. I like my job and I still love what I’m doing, maybe less meetings. :slight_smile:

Pool Info:

Ticker: ALoop
Name: AdaLoop
Pledge: 1k (this will increase in time)
Fixed Fee : 340
Fee : 0%
Website : https://adaloop.org
Relays hosted in : US and Germany
if pool picks up the pace, I’m planning to add another relay in Canada
20% of fixed fee will go to AbleGamers, everything else will go back to Pledge


Stake Pool: Block Producer: SSD, 6 vCPU’s, 32GB RAM, 2 Relays: SSD, 6 vCPU’s, 16GB RAM

Thank you all for your time!
Please consider supporting a small pool integration and its mission and delegate some ADA to ALoop to make it shine.

Without delegators small pools don’t survive to long.