Introducing Infinity Pool [INF1]

Hello everyone,

I got my pool up and running a few days ago and after observing that it runs stably, I decided to post an introduction here. Currently I’m working in machine learning research, and I thought that it would be interesting to become part of the Cardano community.

I’m interested in the decentralisation and social aspects of the project. I strongly believe that the culture of the community shapes the direction and overall impact of any community-based venture. Moreover, I find Cardano of particular interest as it has the potential to have a global reach and impact on multiple domains of life. I also believe in energy-efficient and optimised solutions, and I’m currently running the pool on Raspberry Pi, alongside regular PCs that ensure the pool operation if resource usage becomes overwhelming. I’m planning to offload everything to Raspberry Pis once I’m convinced that it is an optimal approach. A huge thanks to the GitHub user alessandrokonrad for sharing their work on Raspberry Pi based Cardano stake pools.

Lastly, I would like throw in an idea of kickstarting smaller pools without sufficient capital to expect any block production on their own. This could be done by promising to delegate 10% of the potential future pool rewards into kickstarting other beginner pool operators. If you think the idea is worthwhile, we could perhaps use a #kickstarter tag in the pool introduction titles?

I believe a community-driven kickstarting mechanism such as this could make a real difference for beginner pool operators, while not having any real disadvantages to the existing members of the community.

Thank you for reading so far. Please find the technical information below.

Ticker: INF1
Pledge: 4k ADA
Fixed fee: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 0.1% currently (keeping it 1% or below)
Contact: Please use the twitter page.
Pool ID: pool186wnrzw2zq20wt6p9aer6z33vqgv4xaxm6445fa4g4wr559e0j8
Location: Singapore

Pool infrastructure:
1 Gbps fibre optic broadband connection. ARM/x86-64 based architectures with SSD/HDD storage; two relay nodes and one production node. Wired connections.

Pool redundancy:
Two relay nodes that update the topology and restart asynchronously. Therefore, under normal circumstances there should always be a running relay node available for the network. A small-scale UPS might come into question later: especially if I’m using a pure Raspberry Pi based approach for the pool operation. Generally Singapore is an ideal location as the internet access and electicity supply are both very stable.

Operator experience:
I have background in software development and have used Linux systems since the late 90s.

Why should users check out your pool:
I believe that we need to create and maintain a continuous influx of new pool operators to keep the ecosystem decentralised. Once I get this pool up and running, I pledge to create a kickstarter wallet with 10% of the accumulated pool rewards that I will delegate to small pools in need of capital.

While I realise that I alone cannot make much of a difference, I hope that this idea will propagate and we as a community would have a mechanism to welcome and help new pool operators to start their work efficiently. My long-term plan is to explore the viability of operating multiple pools with an energy efficient and optimised approach.

Welcome buddy, good to see more people with good ideas flow into the ecosystem!

I operate STAYK pool, and with others we have an initiative running that helps small pools bootstrap. You may wanna check out for more info and join the discord server.

Bas @STAYKPool

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Sounds great – thank you! Joined the discord server.

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Updated pledge to 250 ADA due to the possible market turbulence ahead. Aiming to change it back to 4k ADA once the markets have calmed down.

Otherwise everything remains unchanged.

did you also intend to sell your ada in the meantime? i mean whats the point in reducing the pledge if it doesnt leave the wallet, and waht sense is there in leaving the wallet if you have no intention of trading it?

I just thought it is polite to state here that I lowered the pledge as it is directly related to the pool operation – or what do you mean by this quite personal question?

No intention to make it personal, i was interested by it as its some effort to update teh metadatfiles etc. removing pledge seems to have no effect on the volatilty of the market.

and letting delegators know thats a good thing. I was just wondering how lowering pledge positively influences the pool or protect it from market turbulence.

Haha, no worries. I’m just trying to protect protect myself against the possible turbulence in the market by having them ready for liquidation if it starts to look too worrying.

Cntools script makes the pool operator’s life very easy! Sure it took a few minutes to send in the new parameters, but I think if you have several thousand USD at stake it might be worth it.

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that makes sense indeed,

for myself ive already decided my stake isnt moving, its in the pool for a reason.
i do hav eother currencies in the exchange to play with the volatility

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