Introducing LEAD Stake Pool

Hello all,

LEAD Stake Pool
Helping to LEAD the way to a decentralised future

Pool information:
Ticker: LEAD
Name: LEAD Stake Pool
Planned pledge: 50,000 ADA
Pool ID: 1e584b6b48f468b3300c9e9ad17183a44a848c878f7fdae6d199ab19
Fees: TBC - but on testnet currently running with 0.2% - i am hopefully to keep them low on main net, more interested in helping Cardano grow than making a profit

Server specifications:
Provider: OVH VPS
Server Location: Sydney, Australia
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04

1 Block producer
1 Relay
Each on separate nodes

CPU: 2v Cores per node
RAM: 4GB per node
HD: 80GB NVME per node

If anyone has any spare funds on the test net please delegate to my pool :slight_smile:

Any questions please give me a shout


Update - i will be now be running 2 relay nodes once live

Hi everyone,

Happy to announce that last night LEAD Stake Pool was successfully upgraded and registered on the new MC3 test net - Not long now until mainnet!


Hi all,

Happy to report that the LEAD stake pool has now also minted their first block on the MC3 Testnet :slight_smile:

Another busy morning for LEAD Stake Pool - another upgrade complete - now running on MC4

Hopefully the final update before mainnet launch later this week… Happy to report that LEAD Stake Pool is now successfully creating blocks on MC4!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that LEAD Stake Pool is live! Delegators - please keep us in mind.

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Launch day is closing for LEAD Stake Pool, must admit to looking forward to a good nights sleep, a quick thread with some asked questions and points to consider

Q: What are LEAD Stake Pool fees?
A: Cost per epoch – 340 ADA, Pool margin – 2%

Q: What is the cost per epoch?
A: The minimum amount that the pool operator will take from the total rewards for a pool per epoch – it does not come out of delegators personal holdings. The amount is per pool and not per delegator. 340 ADA is the minimum amount.

Q: What is the pool margin?
A: This is a further amount of the rewards which the pool operator will receive based on the rewards the pool receive – Once again it does not come out of the delegators personal holdings. This amount is completely variable based on the pool.

Q: Why would I not just delegate to a whale pool with 0% pool margin?
A: The network has something called a saturation point. After a certain amount of ADA has been delegated to a pool the rewards the pool earns starts to decrease.

Q: Could I lose my funds?
A: No – the funds never leave your own wallet

Other points to consider when selecting a pool:
a) There was a large number of pools created fairly last minute which may mean they are not the most secure or just set up to jump on the hype train. Whilst your funds are not at risk per si, you return for rewards will be.
b) Feel free to drop potential stake pool operators a message to find out more information if you are not sure about certain things. The best ones will have an open communication channel with their delegators
c) The current ranking system in Daedalus is not operating 100% correctly until we start minting blocks for real. Don’t just sign up to pool number one on the list because its number one, it would likely drop shortly afterwards.
d) Finally, please key your funds secure! – “Not your keys, not your funds” – please figure out the best way to protect yourself

LEAD plans on being around this space for a long time and would love delegators to stick with us for the long run.

As always if there are any further questions feel free to reach out to LEAD Stake Pool – Helping to LEAD the way to a decentralised future

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340? :grinning:

Yes 340 is right. Thanks for letting me know. Posted updates

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LEAD Stake Pool is delighted to announce that there is 3.2m ADA delegated to the pool. Thank you to all who has already delegated with us. For all others please make sure to check us out!
Exciting times ahead for sure! Any questions do not hesitate to drop me a message

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For those yet to delegate (and have access to their funds) make sure to do so before epoch 209 starts - ~ 19 hours from now - to ensure you will be eligible for the first set of rewards.

Would love to have any new delegators join LEAD - Any questions drop us a msg

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Hi all,

Just a little update on LEAD Stake Pool…

We are now over 4.7m ADA total stake - a big thank you to all 30 of our delegators to help us get to this point (does any one want to be number 31? :wink: )

I have also increased our initial pledge to 70,000 ADA (and increase of 20k) to try and show LEADs dedication to the pool for sticking around for the long term. In addition we decreased the pool margin to 1.9%.

If you didn’t already know I have Degree in Computing from University of Leeds (UK). 8 years experience as a programmer in the financial services industry (with a focus on tax). I am now based in Australia.

If you are yet to delegate, it would be fantastic if you joined us at LEAD

Ticker: LEAD
Pool ID: ec6cdcad62633e065be5d96eecea28464144a1827adc0cba98d29a23

If anyone has any further questions please do not hesitate to drop me a message


Helping to LEAD the way to a decentralised future

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Hi everyone

Apologies for not checking in here for a while - i promise moving forward ill be sure to do so more often

A little update regarding the pool first…
Live Stake: 6.40m ADA
Delegators: 60
Total blocks: 10

For epoch 218 we are expected 2.9 blocks which is our highest total to date

The pool itself has been running very smoothly and things are looking very good. Since the last post we have added an additional node which is a backup producer which ensure 100% uptime when performing upgrades etc.

We have also started to produce some youtube videos which try and explain some basic processes to delegators as we ran a twitter poll and over 50% of people said they didnt really understand. To date we have released 4 videos:

  1. What is the Cardano slot lottery? (
  2. What are the Cardano network parameters? (
  3. How are Cardano rewards calculated? (
  4. What is the Cardano d parameter? (

Or you can find them all on our youtube channel - The next video will be on the k parameter and saturation

We are now most active on twitter nowadays and you can find us here:
For those that prefer we are also have a telegram channel:

For any new delegators our pool information is below. We would love to welcome you to LEAD Stake Pool. Should you have any questions, please dont hesitate to reach us via any channel.

Ticker: LEAD
Pool ID: ec6cdcad62633e065be5d96eecea28464144a1827adc0cba98d29a23
Pool Margin: 1.9%
Cost per epoch: 340 ADA
Registered pledge: 100,000 ADA


Welcome to epoch 219 everyone!

During 218 the #Cardano slot lottery gave us 2 out of our expected 2.9 blocks. The pool is running very well and no blocks were missed. So we really were just a bit unlucky.

219 we have our highest estimated blocks to date at 3. Fingers crossed we get a bit of luck too and are assigned some extras :crossed_fingers:

As you may have noticed we are also running a competition to giveaway up to 2000 ADA - The first 1000 is guaranteed, the next 1000 is depending on if we hit certain milestones… 500 ADA if we hit 7.5m live stake and 1000 ADA if we hit 10m live stake before the competition end date at the end of epoch 221. If you want to enter, please drop me a direct message on telegram.

Thank you again for your support to LEAD Stake Pool

In addition to our competition mentioned a couple of messages earlier

LEAD have doubled their registered pledge to 200,000 ADA to further show our commitment to being a successful pool long into the future

Despite 219 originally shaping up to be our best epoch yet, it turned out to be our worst

0% luck and 0 blocks produced despite the pool running at 100% The slot lottery really can be cruel… The odds of that happening 4.86%

For epoch 220 we have our highest estimated blocks to date at 3.1 blocks. Fingers crossed luck is with us this time around!

In addition our competition is still running and we are currently up to a live stake of 7.37m ada, so we are getting close to adding an additional 500 ada to our giveaway prize

For more information about our giveaway please see the below twitter thread