Introducing Sebastien Guillemot - Cardano Community Member

Seb has been a valued Cardano community member for quite some time now, he is best known for his English and Japanese video reviews of the Cardano roadmap and weekly technical reports. We caught up with him to find out more about his interest in the project.

You make Youtube videos explaining the Cardano roadmap updates and IOHK weekly technical reports. Can you tell us what made you interested in producing these videos? How did you also learn Japanese?


This dates back to my college years. My dad is a software engineer, so he taught me computer science when I was a kid. By the time I got into college, I already knew a lot of what they taught in the computer science course materials at school, which meant I had a lot of spare time. I was interested in learning a new language, so I studied Japanese during my spare time.

When I learnt about Cardano, I saw a big gap for the Japanese communities in terms of content, so I started to translate those English pieces of content into Japanese.

Thereafter, I started to make videos about IOHK weekly technical reports and monthly Cardano roadmap updates. A lot of the content IOHK puts out is not easy to understand for many people and I thought I could provide some help in that sense, because of my background.

What made you become interested in Cardano?

As a computer science engineer, I’ve been interested in blockchain for a while, but never found a project that I wanted to be part of until I learnt about Cardano.

I studied both computer science and math at college. For me, what was interesting about Cardano was its unique approach to problem solving, namely its formal methods and peer to peer reviewed academic research.

In math, you learn that every claim you make needs to be proven, and that you cannot claim something without evidence. To that end, Cardano is more like how a mathematician would solve a problem through its peer to peer review and formal methods, and I agree with this kind of approach.

In your opinion, what does the future of blockchain technology look like?

In the near future, people will use blockchain, even if it is not the best solution, purely for its compatibility.

Blockchain technology will eventually address its scalability issues and create a whole ecosystem. This will then allow many products and services to be built on top of this ecosystem. But if you have your own database that is not compatible with the rest of the ecosystem, you will be very limited in terms of you how can utilise valuable databases.

Also, even if some of the problems are not necessarily solved, people will still likely build on it due to its sheer ease of use and compatibility.

Lastly, how should Cardano Foundation support the growth of community in your opinion?


If you look at the number of people on Cardano Telegram channels versus the market cap, it is evident that other blockchain projects such as Litecoin or EOS have a bigger community. However in my view, despite the smaller size of the Cardano community, people belonging to the Cardano community have a higher degree of trust towards the project in general.

Against this backdrop, our challenge is to help identify community members who can meaningfully engage with the project, so that they can start developing or using tools in the Cardano ecosystem.

In addition, with a lot of innovation going on with Cardano, not everyone is able to easily understand what Cardano is all about. Thus, it will take time and more commitment compared to other blockchain projects to help people understand Cardano and its many nuances.

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Seb is the best in terms of reviews. Very technical and to the point. Many in this field hype the price without any interest in the tech. Cardano is the only project that wants to do it right. Many underestimate it, but will be proven wrong eventually. Spread the word!


Keep up the great work Sebastien! Nice to see you volunteer to take the time and effort to lay out the updates on Youtube.


why hasn’t cf hired this guy already?