Introducing Stake for Nature [ST4NA] - Your delegation matters

Glad to be here!!

We believe passionately that a better world is possible, and the answer to our environmental issues find on people. Using Cardano’s decentralized financial system, we may obtain funding to support environmental organizations in their fight. With your support, we hope to participate in the battle to save and help reverse the steep decline in the overall ecological health of our planet.

Our goal.

Our mission is to spread environmental organizations’ work to safeguard our ecosystems, wilderness, and flora and fauna now and for future generations and that is why we ask you to delegate to our pool.

We donate 50% of the pool income and 100% of our online shop.


Transparency is extremely important to us and we think that it should be an essential requirement for all charity pools, that is why we make the proof of donations available to our delegates (and anyone) on our website.


Who we are?

:family_man_boy: We are Esther and Juan Carlos, a Spanish couple committed to the environment, nature, and wild and domestic animals, as well as involved in a more just and egalitarian society.

That is why Cardano drew us so much from the beginning since it is a much more equitable model.

about_esther about_JC

We spent half our lives together, and in those years, we have grown and matured as a couple and as free and unique people. Our experiences have led us to where we are now, where this new, rewarding, and exciting project begins.

To tell you about how this project we have at hand arose and a bit of ourselves, we must look back. When we began to collaborate with different organizations, it was more than 18 years ago; we were unaware of why it moved us to help. Then, at my 41 years old and with intense personal growth, I have realized why. And the reason is pretty simple: the pursuit of happiness, having a purpose in life.

Help is my motivation, what moves me every day to get out of bed. I am grateful to help, within my possibilities, all these organizations, and many more to come. This feeling brings happiness to my life.

As I mentioned before, we have supported and continue to support different organizations financially and work as volunteers.

So far, we have collaborated with some organizations, but our resources are limited. We need you so that this support continues to increase and we can achieve many more things.

Pool details:



Good luck with your mission. Great oaks from little acorns grow.

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Thank you so much!!

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