Happy Earth Day from the Cardano Foundation!

Happy Earth Day from the Cardano Foundation!

(Written by @elliothill at the Cardano Foundation)

If you’ve been on Google today, you might have noticed that it is Earth Day! As a day of official recognition for the beautiful planet we all call home, Earth Day is an important worldwide event that demonstrates support for environmental protection.

The Cardano Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our engineers, developers, and community members who are working to green the image of blockchain, by building the most environmentally friendly and decentralized distributed ledger ecosystem in the world.

Let’s discover why environmental protection is important to us at the Cardano Foundation.

Why are we passionate about environmental custodianship?

At the Cardano Foundation, we strongly feel that for blockchain to reach mass adoption, it must satisfy our current global efforts towards environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Proof of work protocols, such as Bitcoin, use enormous amounts of power to reach consensus. While many miners have now opted to use renewable energy to power their operations, there are still greener alternatives—namely, proof of stake protocols.

As we have previously discussed, the Cardano blockchain is thought to be four million times more energy-efficient than the Bitcoin protocol. This means that a stake pool on Cardano can be operated on a RockPi microcomputer, consuming just a few watts of power!

You can read more about our thoughts and missions in environmental sustainability, and how we reach consensus, here:

Thanking our eco mission-driven stake pools today

Today is also a perfect opportunity to thank our mission-driven stake pool operators who focus on environmentally conscious charities.

These pools are too many and too numerous to list, but among them, we have pools such as EcoPool.io, who support charities tackling climate change; CAFE, who give to The Generation Forest and World Wide Fund For Nature; and CLIMA, who donate to One Tree Planted and Ripple Africa.

We are sorry we couldn’t mention everyone here, but if you’re an eco mission-driven stake pool, share your story below!

Since we revealed the full extent of charitable pools on the Cardano network, we are delighted to say that an additional US$100 million in ada has been delegated to mission-driven pools! There is now over US$638 million ada delegated to mission-driven pools, and a huge portion of this goes to environmental charities. Keep your eye out for the Cardano Foundation’s session on IOHK’s Africa Show, where we will reveal more information on mission-driven stake pools on Cardano! With your help, we can make it to US$1 billion.

Happy Earth Day from everyone at the Cardano Foundation!


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