🌍 Bio Pool [Bio] - Stake ADA with us and support environmental and species protection projects around the world

Welcome to the presentation of our Bio Charity Pool

Stake ADA to our pool and shape actively the future of our planet at the same time.

  • Margin Fee 0%

  • Delegation Rewards 100%
    (these go to the delegators without deductions)

  • Pool Operator Rewards go to environmental projects around the world

Do something good and become a member of our community!

About Us

Hello! We are Beatrix and Christian from Bio Pool and as incomprehensible as this may sound to you: We are here to change the world. But we need your help! We have been involved in environmental protection for over 11 years and have spent our vacations participating in beach cleanups, cleaning up trash from the ocean and river beaches, helping out with animal welfare in rescue camps, and hitting the streets with Fridays for Future and other climate change organizations.

Plastic and climate change are our biggest enemies because they are destroying the planet we all call home.

Referring to the topic of β€œplastic”, we started our own small business in 2019 with the goal of replacing single-use plastic with sustainable products. With farmer friends from the Westerwald region in Germany, we made straws out of wheat. Unfortunately, Corona’s problems in the restaurant/hotel industry have made us put this project on hold for now.

We are very empathetic and empathize quickly with people and animals. The idea that they and the environment suffer from certain influences is something we cannot and will not accept any longer. We are heartbroken when we see animals in captivity or when they are mistreated. Forest fires and deforestation accelerate the extinction of species in the world and are caused by climate change as well as human greed for profit.

Introduction Video

Our Mission

Our goal is to give a voice to every living being as well as our members in the pool, to preserve the gift of what should be the most precious to all of us: Nature!

Our mission is to use Cardano’s decentralized financial system to support the work of environmental organizations to protect our ecosystems and wildlife.

Our vision is a peaceful world where every living being is treated with respect and every human being is equal regardless of skin color, nationality, or religion.

A special feature of our pool

Our voting system

Due to the large number of environmental organizations that exist around the world, we want to let our pool members decide for themselves who they would like to support. Therefore we have set up a voting system on our homepage Projects - Cardano ADA Pool, which gives every member of our pool the possibility to freely decide which project they want to support.

After staking with Yoroi or Daedalus you can register on our homepage and get access to the voting system. Then you have one vote, which you can distribute as you wish. Depending on how many votes a project has received, the donations will be higher or lower. The whole voting process is anonymous. No one will be able to see which organization you have voted for. Furthermore, you can change your vote at any time.

All votes add up to 100% always. This voting system is fair and makes it possible that the vote of each member in the pool really counts. Even if you are the only one who voted for a project, this project will be supported.


These are the environmental protection organizations we currently support:

  • Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE)
  • One Tree Planted
  • The Orangutan Project
  • Rettet den Regenwald e.V.
  • Project Wings
  • Pro Wildlife
  • Prima Klima
  • PETA
  • Ocean Care
  • Greenpeace
  • Future For Elephants
  • WWF
  • Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU)

You always have the possibility to suggest your own projects and environmental protection organizations in our Discord and to discuss them with us.

Pool Performance

Ticker: Bio

Pool ID: pool1vqm5n5d503uumuc89s5y4wuczrwe3tlgylt2u2uj7y276avr5pl

ROA: 5,27%

Live Stake: 1,46M β‚³

Pledge: 40k β‚³

Marge: 0%

Total blocks: 16

Lifetime Luck: 140%

Delegates: 88

Our pool, as well as our website, are powered only by renewable energy:

Check this out:

What is also very important to us


Transparency and honesty are very important to us, which is why we are in close contact with our members. For this reason, we have also built a Discord server, where we always talk about new projects, deposit our donation reports, and where you can ask us questions at any time.


What we have achieved so far

July, 2021 has been our most successful month. We are very proud to say that together with our delegators we were able to donate $2000 in just one month. This was all realized through pool revenue, while all delegates received their rewards just like in any other pool.

We have been working on our pool for 8 months now and in July we could finally show how much we can achieve with it.
The feedback we are getting is very great and we are growing every day. We hope to reach people who have never had anything to do with cryptocurrency before.


Christian: https://twitter.com/bio_pool
Beatrix: https://twitter.com/b_for_ada


Our Twitter wall:

Our Pool just reached 2M!

We just reached 3M with a current ROA of 5.3%


The donation report for August is out! We are amazed about how much feedback we get in doing the right thing!

We donated again 100% for charity. We haven’t kept a single ADA for ourselves. We believe this is the way to save our Planet!

Current Stake is 4.5M

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Update to 6M

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We just reached $10.000 in total donations!

Our interactive voting system is ready! Please check it out: https://pool.bio/projectglobe/