Introducing Stakey Rice [RICE]

Hi, my name is Tony, created a staking pool RICE. I didn’t introduce myself before because I don’t feel I have enough experience with my nodes, but I think it’s time now. I initially created my pool on AWS, but recently moved them to my home network now. I have a post on my website about the reasons if you are interested, I will also post that in the forum to share my experience soon after this introduction.

The name StakeyRice is similar sound to Sticky Rice, which is one of my favorite food, also has the meaning of my donation to the local food bank, Calgary Food Bank.

Below is my pool’s info, appreciate if you will stake at my pool.

[RICE] / 5000 ADA pledged / 340 fixed fee / 1% variable fee

Website :

Pool ID : af45f11f3d01368445343a62055de8b51893239bc3eb496e3f2321ce

Location : Canada - Calgary, Alberta

Pool infrastructure :
Home setup, with 1GB Fiber Internet
Business level Firewall
1 Block Producer, 2 Relays, each are Dell Optiplex Micro, 2 core / 4 threads, 20GB Ram, 250 SSD.
1 Raspberry Pi as Bastion node for secure access into the nodes
1 AirGap machine for key management
Each node has it’s own VLAN, highly secured from outside and from each other.
More info :

Operator experience : IT professionals for my whole life (20 years IT experience)

I created RICE pool to help the Cardano decentralization, help our local food bank, and have fun with it. I will also share my experience with cardano thru my website and the Cardano forum.

Really appreciate if you will stake ADA on my pool, it’s not easy to setup, and it’s even harder to get delegators, please help out the small pool operators, Thanks.


@tonyhon this is awesome, congrats! I’m an aspiring SPO myself and started to self-educate. I have a lot to learn on the security side of things. You look like you have done good best practice, air gap, firewall, etc. I will be checking out your website and will keep you in mind for future delegations. Cheers.

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@ccgarant Thanks, appreciate it. I think I have similar mindset when I start, I worry the most about security, I spent most of my time studying the security aspect of it before I start the pool. The guide at is a pretty good start. It shows what you can to do to the node itself, then if you can put security around the nodes (firewall, network security), then you should be in pretty good shape.

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@tonyhon thanks!

Well done Tony, you have done all the hard work, and now the really hard work begins :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community

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@Benagain haha, so true.

Congrats on your first block, that gives me hope!

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