Introducing the [DEAD] Pool


About Me:
I live and operate my pool out of my home in South Korea.
Previous ticker was JALZ. We deiced to have more fun and rename our pool :wink:

Pool Info:

  • Ticker: DEAD
  • Pledge: 20k ADA
  • Fixed fee: 340ADA
  • Variable fee: 2.0%
  • Website:
  • Pool ID: 59d12b7a426724961607014aacea1e584f3ebc1196948f42a10893bc
  • `Location: South Korea

Pool infrastructure:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • CPU: Dual Core
  • RAM: 32GB
  • SSD: 250GB
  • Network: 1Gbps fiber

Why should users check out your pool?
We want to ensure stable and reliable rewards to the community. We strive to ensure that our pool operates effectively and efficiently. We want to contribute to the greater community and see that it continues to grow. To that end, we leave our relay and block producer nodes online 24/7. My husband and I are always monitoring and prepared to execute disaster recovery at any moment.
Follow me on Twitter @amandy41 and @ME_DEAD_POOL
and Instagram @amandymun


Good luck with your pool!

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Thanks so much ~