Arrakis Pool

Hi everybody!

Having 0 blocks makes me a saaad panda! I would highly appreciate a few more ADA delegated to the pool if anyone would be interested to do so, and help increase the probability of the pool minting blocks, and of course, provide decentralization.

Pool details
Name: Arrakis
Ticker: ARRA1
Pool ID: c65ca06828caa8fc9b0bb015af93ef71685544c6ed2abbb7c59b0e62
Pledge: 1.4M ₳
Current Stake: 2.9M ₳
Variable fee: 4%
Fixed fee 340 ₳

I, the pool operator, is educated in Computer Science, and have many years of professional experience with cloud computing, security, software development, etc. So the pool will be running smoothly.

The pool is hosted on Google Cloud, in the Netherlands, and is running using my dockerized cardano stakepool repository, I’ve been developing to automate and ease the process of setting up a pool, for anyone instested in running their own. The repository also provides transparency in the setup and security of the pool. To anyone interested, the repository can be found here.

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I hope you receive more delegations soon! Good luck

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Thank you very much sir! :slight_smile: