Introducing RADAR!

Howdy all!
After years of passionately investing in ADA and the Cardano vision, a friend and I decided we needed to be part of the decentralization and support the efforts with our time and energy as well as our money. We’ll be increasing our personal pledges soon, but couldn’t wait to get out the word. Would love any help possible increasing our nucleus to
begin minting blocks. Will keep fees at 1% at least all of 2021 to help reward early adopters.

This forum has been instrumental in helping our team in the process of setting up our bare-metal pool.

Our Pool Info:

Name: RADAR stake pool
Ticker: RADAR
Pledge: 25,500
Margin: 1.0%
Fee: 340 ADA
Block producer:x86 quad core with 16gb ram
Relay 1: x86 quad core with 8gb ram
Relay 2: Raspberry Pi 4 with 8gb ram
Location: Coastal North Carolina, USA
Twitter: @RADARstakepool

Get on the RADAR!