Introducing the Goma Stake Pool

I would like to introduce you to Goma Stake pool hosted in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo and having relay servers in Canada (name: GOMA,,

The Goma Stake Pool intends to offer the following services:

  • Fund the training of Congolese students learning Plutus
  • Fund nature conservation activities in Virunga National Park (eco-tourism)
  • Finance a visit by delegators who could visit Goma and its surroundings (a lottery).

Plutus training component

The Goma stake pool is hosted at a post-secondary institution (college) in Goma ( This is done through collaboration with WADA which provided laptops and other teaching tools.

Through the Goma Stake Pool, you will be able to:

  • Contribute to the training of Plutus students in Goma. These students have a lot of potential because they can devote a large part of their time to learning Plutus and could eventually be important among Cardano developers. (25%). I participated in two Plutus Pioneer Programs and they were not particularly demanding. However, time is money and in developped nations, we already have money. So, many dropped out, but for Congolese students (whom I have to teach in French), they won’t drop out as we use funded project to motivate their learning and it is for them a relatively attractive source of revenue. So, I expect them to be better than me. The course, offered through Gimbalabs, is open for registration at تسجيل في PPBL-Français-S2 so, by supporting the stake pool, you allow me to not having to cover for the presence of the Cardano node in DRC.

Eco-Tourism component

If you are a student from Goma, then you would already be served, hence our focus on supporters (delegators) who are not Plutus students… :slight_smile:

Through the Goma Stake Pool, you will be able to:

  • Contribute to a common fund to visit Virunga National Park for the following activities: see the Virunga gorillas, climb Mount Nyiragongo to see the largest lava lake in the world, visit Tchegero Island on Lake Kivu. A portion of the rewards will be allocated to this fund and once the amount is collected, a draw will take place to offer a stay in Goma. The plane ticket and other travel expenses such as the visa will not be covered. (50%). Is it safe? At the time of writing, there is war in the region, but it is still relatively safe: the largest peacekeeping mission in the world is HQed in Goma…and many celebrities have done the trips ( I will update as I get publicly-available content)
  • Support Virunga Park: A portion will go directly to the Virunga Foundation which takes care of the park (25%)


Get tokens from the Ekival app: This app serves as a money transfer service and it is under development ( It is supported by the Ariob incubator (Startups – Ariob Incubator). Those who want can start trying it on Testnet and report any bugs they find. In practice, Ekival offers recipients of Ada the ability to convert it to fiat. Ekival only asks for locking funds on a smart contract, so users can commit to local funds, thus converting their Ada into fiat. This should help increase the adoption of Ada in Africa, starting with the DRC.

Great to see some ohysical decantralization! Wish you a good start woth your pool and all needed luck for getting slots assigned!

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