Stake Pool School—Calls for Contribution

Stake Pool School Course—Calls for Contribution

Contribute to the Cardano Stake Pool School

Do you have great ideas on how to improve the educational materials available to new stake pool operators? Then read on to find out how you can get involved in the Stake Pool School!

With the launch of the Shelley through Cardano’s hardfork in July 2020, stake pool operators are able to officially run pools and attract delegates on the Cardano mainnet.

To support new pool operators joining the Cardano ecosystem, the Cardano Foundation and members of IOHK’s engineering team, including Lars Brünjes, created the Stake Pool School. With a collection of video content and walkthroughs, the Stake Pool School helped new stake pool operators, regardless of their technical abilities, get started with running and establishing a pool.

The Stake Pool School contains five lesson series, designed to take users from running a Cardano-node, all the way through to monitoring and visualizing stake pool data through Grafana.

Contribute to the Stake Pool School

The Stake Pool School was a huge undertaking internally, and we have carefully collected and listened to community feedback. Now, following calls for contributions, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening up the Stake Pool School GitHub repository for community collaboration.

We believe it will be most empowering to our community and in keeping with our decentralized roots to open the course for contributions in this manner. Your assistance will be instrumental in keeping the Stake Pool School up-to-date, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for new pool operators well into the future.

So, how can you contribute? The Stake Pool School GitHub repo is now public, available here:

We are now calling for pull requests, including proposed changes to the course content, the updating of any outdated content, and other suggestions.

If you would like to get involved, follow the link above. Or, use the comments section below to let us and other community members know what features and content you would like to see covered.

Thank you for your participation

Read more about the Stake Pool School and community involvement here:


Who are the current approvers?

Can there be elected members from community who are active daily to be part of collaborators to update the guide and also timely approve the pull requests without having to wait for availability of folks that may not have direct mode of contact?


I second @rdlrt 's great suggestion.
It may also be a good idea to update the official docs (for example --allegra-era is missing from transactions commands). They are slightly outdated since the early December upgrade and could be improved.

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People who can currently approve are (from my mind) @Nazim_CF, @CarlosLopezDeLara and myself but of course we need more people very soon.

My thought was to see who was actively participating and then decide from there. For example it makes no sense if someone is very active in the forum but doesn’t have a GitHub account or is not interested (or not able to) contribute to this stake pool school.

Happy to take your ideas on this @rdlrt - without blinking an eye, we would add you. You know that.

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Cools - happy to collaborate/help as needed. Yes active participants being added (and with github background) is perfectly fine and appreciated, just wanted to be sure that we didnt have PRs/Issues pending for days if we dive in :slightly_smiling_face:

Will allot some time to submit some soon, unless someone makes a head start already :+1:


I am totally new to this and struggling through stake pool school( especially the last few steps) I’m totally willing to contribute as with a new perspective angle.

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