Introducing the PoA V2 Stakepool guide!

Ok, so a week or two ago, we released the first version of our stakepool guide, which was essentially a PDF presentation which users could download and follow the steps to create their own stakepool. Since then, we have received A LOT of feedback regarding the guide, and things we needed to improve, so we are now incredibly happy at Proof of Africa to release this new, completely different version of the guide which is really much bettter. It’s made in a way which makes it possible for everyone to understand, and if you have questions while following the guide, you can always ask them in our Telegram chat.

Our new guide :point_down:

Oh, and by the way, next week during the week-end normally, I will be doing a livestream on PoA’s YouTube channel where I will setup a stakepool from 0 to 1 following the PoA stakepool guide!


@cryptocreampuff, that website looks awesome! very intuitive, congrats! amazing stuff!, I guess it took a lot of work for it to be done.
Several Spanish community are also asking for this type of information. Would like to find the way to show it in Spanish. To show this in a video would also be great. :muscle:


Thanks Castellano! :))

Regarding the Spanish community, it would indeed by great, but I don’t speak Spanish! Though, I’m currently planning in a few weeks when I have time to create a French and Dutch version of the guide.

I assume you must be speaking Spanish?

If yes, we could work together to create a Spanish version of the guide!


You assumed correctly, :wink:, one of the spanish translators here

Yes, please keep me updated so that amazing guide can be launch also in Spanish.

Keep in touch,


All I can say is thanks!