Online Stakepool Creation Meet-up (with free tADA for all participants!)

Hey guys, Max from Proof of Africa here.

So, next Friday 22 May on GMT+1, we will be organizing our first online meet-up, where participants will have the chance to create their own stakepool with us, live!

As the event is focused on our local African community, we will be providing the required tADA to create the stakepool. Though, anyone can join the event, and all the participants will receive the necessary tADA.

So to summarize, you will be guided during all the creation process, and the cost will be NOTHING. The only requirement to have your own little stakepool, is to participate in the event! :))

If you are interested, make sure to register here :point_down:

Setting up a stakepool: utilising the POA stakepool guide.

Friday, May 22, 2020, 2:00 PM

Online event

7 Members Attending

This event is geared towards helping newbies as well as any other cardano community member who is yet to run a cardano node get started and hopefully set up a stakepool. Hosted by POA.

Check out this Meetup ā†’


Thank you for sharing!

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Awsome Iā€™m attending!

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Great! :))

Thanks very much for hosting that I learned a lot!