Introducing the Pool of Babel [BABEL]

Hello everyone!

I recently launched the Pool of Babel and I’m very excited to finally introduce it to you here.

Basic Information

  • Ticker: BABEL
  • ID: 326d38a945099c9df79fe95962c335e0e86a05869f8fbf4b51cad18c
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @BabelPool
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany

  • Pledge: 66 000 Ada
  • Fixed Fee: 340 Ada
  • Variable Fee: 0%

About the Stake Pool Operator

Hi! So my name is Patrick. When I’m not wearing my SPO-suit, I’m a Computer Science student from Stuttgart in Germany. I’ve been following the Cardano project since 2017 and finally decided that it was time for me to step in and contribute to this amazing project. I truly believe that by utilizing Cardano we can make the world a better, fairer and more decentralized place.

I want to use my Computer Science skills not only to host the Pool of Babel, but also to build decentralized applications and develop software using the Cardano blockchain as part of the tech-stack. In fact I’m currently writing my bachelor thesis about a decentralized application (& protocol) using Cardano, IPFS and other technologies - I promise to show you more once it’s actually done. :slight_smile:

SPO Contact

Why should I stake my Ada on the Pool of Babel?

  • Low costs: The fees are set to the minimum possible amount and I am not planning to change this in the future.
  • SPO with technical background: Due to my background as a Computer Science student, you can be assured that I know what I’m doing and will keep the Pool of Babel running, secure and updated at all times.
  • Hosted on a small private server: For the sake of true decentralization the Pool of Babel is not hosted on any of the big cloud hosting providers (like AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) but instead is hosted on a smaller local hosting provider right here in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Run by an individual: Theres no big corporation behind the pool and you can always reach me directly on a person to person basis. My Twitter DMs are open and so is my private email.

Introduction Video

Technical Data

2 Virtual Private Servers

  • 2x 8GB RAM
  • 2x 160GB SSD Speicher
  • 2x 2 CPU Cores

The servers will of course be upgraded should the need arise.



Thanks for reading! I hope that you decide to stake your Ada on the Pool of Babel.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach me via your preferred channel.


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