Invalid Mineable tag on CMC


“still operates as a proof of stake protocol.”

Really? how?


Currently Cardano runs as federated system, all current nodes (aka pools) where in control of IOHK (maybe also Emurgo and the CF, but I’m not sure about that)

There are several papers for all the different Ouroboros “flavours” and they are all basically proof of stake, but of course you are right: at the moment you can not stake your ADA. Best way to think of it is that everything is defined static.


Are you ok?


It runs with Ouroboros Classic protocol between 7 federated pools. It is technically PoS, you just can’t participate with your own pool/stake currently.


Excuse me?


I’d say they should change the terminology to ‘mint-able’ :slight_smile:

Just FYI @grangonzo What @adatainment says is correct.

That it is ‘neither’ is also incorrect.

Hope this clarifies your uncertainties.


Is the circulating supply correct?
Where can you find that?


It’s probably the accumulated given coins out of the chain to holders from the master node (nodes?) themselves. After releasing the coins you can only track what you gave and not what is where anymore.


I wonder how at this point people still doubt that cardano is POS


Is it POS?
Ok, i have a lot of coins. Where do i stake them


If you didn’t get yet that Cardano is in federated state currently and staking would be live when Shelley is released, maybe and just maybe Cardno isn’t for you!
But at least, at this stage of the project, you own some ADA whisch make you somehow a visionary

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But you said it’s proof of stake. Where do i stake?


Can you please stop now?

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But is it POS or it will be POS?



it’s mineable.

i have mine. :grinning:


Me too!

But can’t stake yet, so it’s not POS :neutral_face:


Honestly, I don’t care what you think!




It’s you who can’t stake, cool people can. You’ll be able to join a cool club with Shelley release.


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