Investing in blockchain companies instead of cryptocurrencies


I’ve been researching the whole cryptocurrencies market in the past days/weeks and came to the conclusion that I would like to invest in the technologie behind it rather then buying the currency itself. How can I invest in the company and technology behind Cardano rather then buying some ADA.

Can somebody give me some starting points on this. Thanks for your help.

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This make sense, i also have this question in my mind

IOHK is the company behind developing cardano right now, they have a contract that ends in 2020, they have the cardano foundation overseeing if IOHK is writing premium code, in January 2018 there will be an independent auditor to hold them to very high standards and give monthly reports on what they find. In 2020 we get to vote on who takes on the development. The company that will be chosen or re elected will be held to the same high standards by the independent auditing company. You invest in the technology by having a stake in ADA, that way you have a vote about the future of cardano.

The part about the auditing company is what Charles said 20 min ago in a live AMA on YouTube Here

A company that has issued a coin has decided to look for funding through an Initial Coin Offering ( ICO) rather than seek venture capital (VC) through traditional means and or issue stock through a public offering subject to regulatory authorities (SEC) and exchange listing requirements. Its possible that a company is already a publicly held firm and decides to issue a coin. But with the newer block-chain entities there typically is not the same corporate body as the move is now towards decentralized entities. If you read the whitepaper and decide you want to support the efforts of the issuing entity then buying the coin supports the proposed project directly and encourages velocity (that the coin will be used to purchase or trade for goods and services) and that in theory supports growth and higher value for the coin. So, buying the coin makes sense and if you are able to participate in an ICO you may save on transaction fees that are found in the after market. That having been said, I messed up trying to get in on WAX coins on the ICO. A small loss but the process is very methodical and requires care in following the subscription instructions.

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Thanks guys. Both answers are very informative. I like the way the coin is both the investment as well as the service provided. There are a lot of similarities with the art market where the painting is both the service as well as the investment, which I like a lot. Unfortunately the crypto market doesn’t have similar value justification mechanisms so … it’s still a bit tricky in my head.

Anyway, good luck investing and enjoy your day.

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Not disagreeing with those who say buy the coins, but here’s some more info anyway:

Blockchain Technology Stocks

Later: I’ve previously looked at one of the companies on that list, Coinsilium, in fact at one point I tried to buy shares, but allowed myself to be put off by some minor difficulties. Then today it occurred to me, why not just watch what they’re doing and follow suit? So, having seen that they are advising a company that is putting medical records on a blockchain, which strikes me as an ideal application, I just signed up to express interest in the imminent ICO of Medicalchain. Which obviously brings me back to coins again… :smile: